Submersible Pumps

Versatile pumps with a wide variety of applications that support Construction Contractors, Utilities Managers, Municipalities,
and Home Owners.

Compact - rugged - trusted ~ The Multiquip Submersible Pump Line is ideal for removing water from well casings,
construction sites, cofferdams, manholes, basements, fountains, basins, rooftops, and excavations.
                       Electric Submersible Clean-Water Pumps

Powerful Single and Three Phase models perfect for removing water from confined areas. The compact
design and high performance engineering ensures professional results for every application. Single Phase
model discharge sizes range from 1.125” to 3”. Three Phase model discharge sizes range from 3” to 6”.
                       Electric Submersible Trash Pumps

Moving heavily debris-laden water requires specially designed pumps. Multiquip submersible trash pumps
have an industry reputation of providing high performance and operational longevity. The pumps can
easily handle solids up to 1 inch in diameter and are built for the toughest jobs. All pumps employ single
phase electrical power, compact design, high performance impeller design, and easy casing clean-out.