Multiquip offers a wide range of screeds to meet the needs of contractors. The
compact, lightweight DuoScreed is ideal for small-medium size jobs and provides a
tremendous value and rapid return on investment. Our range of vibratory truss
screeds provides the versatility to accommodate larger pour requirements and it's
rugged design will provide years of productivity. The SuperScreed is at home on
highway paving and rehabilitation jobs and can handle industrial flatwork as well.

Versatile design adapts easily for either form-to-form or wet screeding applications. A
durable extruded-aluminum alloy blade transmits vibration to the slab for effective
consolidation.  Highly maneuverable and functional, the DuoScreed is designed for
jobs large and small.
Vibratory Truss Screeds

These are the ideal screeds for large projects. Contractors can strike off areas of up
to 65 feet (19.5 meters) wide. The WSHA-Series offers an air-powered design while teh
WSHE-Series provdes gasoline powered options. Rugged steel designs handle the
rigors of any job site and provide a long service life.

WSHA Series

WSHE Series
SuperScreed Roller Screeds

Places over 10,000 square feet (900 square meters) of concrete per hour, achieves
high F-numbers and requires only five crew members to operate. Super productivity.

WRS Series