Collomix Mixing Solutions

Collomix has been recognized as an international leader of mixing solutions for over 30 years.

The range of products offers a diverse spectrum of professional solutions for your material mixing
challenges. This time-tested and trusted product offers high quality workmanship, maximum
return-on-investment, and expert  results.

Collomix offers a family of trusted, powerful Hand-Mixers to match your operating
requirements. The tools represent over thirty years of experience in German engineering
and attention to high quality manufacturing. Choose from single and dual gear drive, 7.2A
and 12.7A universal motors, single and dual shaft productivity. Other key features include
optimized power to gear(s), HEXAFIX Paddle quick-disconnect, ergonomic designed hand
grip, safety lock start switch, variable electronic speed control, and high impact
polyethylene housing.
             Automatic Mixing Systems

The Collomix Automatic Mixers provide trusted hands-free mixing solutions. Four unique
automatic portable mixing machines are available to tackle your most demanding mixing
challenges. Each mixer model provides: reliable 110V electrical power, approximate 2
cuft. batch volumes, fast consistent material through-put, easy clean-up, and overall
professional results. Compact dimensions, carrying handles, and solid wheel/axle
assemblies make these mixers ideal one-man operating tools. Experienced German
design, engineering and quality.

Collomix offers state-of-the-art Mixing Tools to ensure fast, and professional mixing results.
The uniquely designed paddles can be matched to perfectly compliment the materials being
mixed. The 'right' paddle for the chosen material means efficient and effective mixing every
time. Each paddle provides solid concentricity, laser-weld technology, and over 30 years of
trusted German engineering practice. Three paddle end designs are available to match up

(1) standard power drills,

(2) M14 threaded hand-drills, and the

(3) Collomix HEXAFIX system.